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INT: Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard

07.23.2009by: JimmyO

I'm a huge fan of Peter Sarsgaard. He has made some very unique and fascinating films and he continues to tackle difficult films. But now, he is working with the absolutely lovely Vera Farmiga as a husband and wife who decide to adopt an ORPHAN. The two actors, much like the young Fuhrman who plays Esther, truly help make this movie a stronger and scarier story than it could have been.

Both of these fine folk have made some impressive films, but they are also incredibly easy to talk to and extremely friendly. They really do help add a little bite by giving two strong performances. Seriously, Vera kicks some major ass here. So yes, I recommend you check out ORPHAN this weekend. This a solid and surprisingly brutal little flick that most fans of horror should enjoy.

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