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INT: Vin Diesel

Aug. 29, 2008by: Jenny Karakaya

Big, strong and tough, native New Yorker Vin Diesel has earned his stripes as a bona fide Hollywood action star with his ass-kicking roles in PITCH BLACK, THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS and XXX. Moreover, he validated his versatility and acting range by starring in his first hit comedy THE PACIFIER. Getting back to what he does best, the actor unites with Michelle Yeoh and Melanie Thierry, to star in French director Kassovitzs forthcoming sci-fi epic thriller, BABYLON A.D.

Adapted from Maurice Dantecs novel Babylon Babies, the film is an adrenaline-driven, chaotic journey of a jaded warrior on an impossible mission to deliver a young girl from a convent in Kazakhstan to NYC. Proving his endurance, Toorop (Diesel) undertakes countless draw-dropping stunts throughout the films breathtaking action sequences, while trekking from one war zone to another. Last week, I sat down with Diesel to talk about the film, his stunt work, and upcoming projects. Check out what the deep-voiced, super-chilled action icon had to say about his soon to be released flick, BABYLON A.D.

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Spitting Bullets
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