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Intl Doomsday poster

02.28.2008by: Ammon Gilbert

You know how you can tell DOOMSDAY is coming? Because in just the last week, we've seen new pics and new clips from the flick, and today is no exception. Behold the latest international poster!

Many times the international posters are way cooler and more effective than what we see domestically (same with trailers), but in this case... I'd say the ol' domestic poster and character one-sheets are way cooler than this. Not only is this fairly boring, but is that supposed to be Rhona Mitra? Honestly, I couldn't tell - it looks nothing like her! I only decided it was supposed to be her because I recognize that black tank-top as the one she's been wearing in all the pics we've seen of the flick thus far.

Lame when you have to second-guess who is on the poster, but what can you do... Go ahead and click on the poster above to see a slightly version, and get ready for DOOMSDAY in theaters everywhere March 14th.

Thank God for people with too much time on their hands...
Source: IMPawards



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