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Is Ben Stiller the crazy one hearing cat and dog Voices?

01.19.2010by: Eric Walkuski

Earlier today, while we were all reeling from the news that PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 is moving forward with Kevin Greutert at the helm (I still have to give a hearty WTF? to that), we became a little more acquainted with the writer assigned to the Paramount film, one Michael R. Perry. Perry has come to Hollywood's attention thanks to his bizarre spec script THE VOICES, about a man covering up a crime with the help of his foul-mouthed cat and dog. Sounds pretty wild - and now we know who might be that man.

Slashfilm is reporting that Ben Stiller is currently being sought after to play "Jerry", the schizophrenic bathtub factory worker who accidentally kills an attractive woman from accounting. You shouldn't let his potential casting scare you off though, as apparently the script is very dark and disturbing; this isn't just "DR. DOLITTLE With Murder", but a creepy look into a desperate man's twisted psyche. At least, that's what it is at the moment. Could be a good opportunity for Stiller to show off some of his acting chops, as he did in PERMANENT MIDNIGHT.

Take this strictly as rumor for now; it sure will be a fun project to follow... To read a little bit more about THE VOICES, head on over HERE.

Stiller's wife Christine Taylor, who is way too hot for him

Extra Tidbit: Considering Mark Romanek (ONE HOUR PHOTO) is in line to direct this, it could be end up being one very odd trip.
Source: Slashfilm



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