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Update! Is Michael Myers returning in Halloween: The Next Chapter?

08.19.2014by: Ryan Miller

UPDATE: Turns out this news was all kinda sorta BS. That’s the internet for you! The official Halloween Movies website had this to say regarding the recent “news”:

We’ve been getting a lot of e-mails/tweets/Facebook messages lately about a project called Halloween: The Next Chapter. It seems that’s the latest buzz surrounding the next Halloween film and again it’s just not true. As we stated before, a new installment of Halloween is indeed in on track and moving forward and we are currently developing a script, to finally bring Michael back to the theaters!

More information will be released over the coming months and exclusively at Halloweenmovies.com. So make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, so you can know first!

The guys over at Schmoes Know have dug up some new info on the future of the HALLOWEEN franchise as the site reports that our favorite masked psycho, Michael Myers, will return in HALLOWEEN: THE NEXT CHAPTER. Apparently, the script is currently being written (the site doesn’t say by who) and is expected to be turned in to Dimension Films in the fall of 2015.

Their sources point out that it won’t be a direct follow-up to HALLOWEEN 2 and it will tell its own story much like HALLOWEEN 4: THE RETURN OF MICHAEL MYERS did at the time. So it will be somewhat of a reboot I guess. So that’s the latest news surrounding the future of the HALLOWEEN franchise. If this all turns out to be true then I guess it could be worse, we could be getting another origin story—I’m looking at you, Leatherface!

It was originally thought that there was going to be a HALLOWEEN 3D, with Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier on scripting duties, but that project seems to be dead if anyone was wondering.

HALLOWEEN vet Danielle Harris

Extra Tidbit: What would you like to see out of the next HALLOWEEN film?



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