Is Syfy planning to air a Sharknado movie every year?!

Hope you're not already sick of SHARKNADO news, because the gimmicky title might not even be close to going away. We know that, because of the stunning social media popularity of Syfy's ridiculous original movie last year, SHARKNADO 2 is coming our way this summer. (It continues to shoot in New York as we speak.) But can you imagine seeing flying sharks attempt to bite off Tara Reid's weird mug for years to come?

The possibility of such a thing is revealed in an article about the Syfy network over at The Hollywood Reporter. While the network is evidently planning on breaking away from the cheesier fare (a shark or snake-related original movie every week) in order to focus on more science-fiction driven projects, they're still quite hopeful SHARKNADO will be a "thing" for the foreseeable future.

The evidence is in this excerpt:

Howe says he plans to cut back on campy teleĀ­pics from the 20 to 24 that Syfy now airs each year (though he admits Sharknado likely will remain an annual event).

That's Syfy president Dave Howe, by the way, saying a SHARKNADO is in the cards every summer.

Of course, a lot will be riding on SHARKNADO 2's performance this July; if it doesn't make waves the way it did last year, when it was not only on every conceivable social media site but the nightly news as well, Syfy might just rethink this plan. For the moment, all we have is this very ominous threat. I'm scared.

Extra Tidbit: Are you excited or dismayed at the prospect of an annual SHARKNADO event?
Source: THR



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