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It Ate His Face trailer!

05.06.2009by: Mike Catalano
IT ATE HIS FACE! Holy shit, IT ATE HIS FACE!!!! Is there a catchier title for a horror flick out there? I think not! Yes, I am writing to you on a new genre indie whose title alone makes it noteworthy. However, after checking out its trailer, it seems that there is indeed more to this movie than merely its name. Itís coming from wacky writer/director Aramis Sartorio (AKA Tommy Pistol, right). I posted the trailer below. Simply click on it to have your face eaten off!

But first, take a bite out of the plot: After setting out to research an unknown section of the great lakes in Michigin, four adventurous students find themselves battling crazed rednecks, and something lurking in the water the hasnít evolved in over 250 million years. This pre-historic parasitic monster has turned the once quintessential eco-system in this small town flat on itís back and all living creatures are soon finding themselves prey to it. Initially distracted by the good time they are having and the loss of their friendís brother in a sick and twisted unexplained accident only a month before, they find themselves trapped in a gruesome situation as old as time itself- will they kill or be killed? They will discover that this evolution phenomenon is as deep and wide and dark as the great lake they came to research- if they survive.

Wow, that is some horrifically fun-sounding shite. You almost have to check out the trailer to obtain a full understanding of how this flick is supposed to flow. Not much else is known regarding a cast, other than there is a bit of a stall in production due to monetary issues. Iíll keep ya posted on anything further.

Extra Tidbit: Is Hannibal Lector the owner of the number 1 face-eating scene? I smell a new Top Ten List!
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