It Follows, Bone Tomahawk score Independent Spirit Award nominations!


The 2016 Independent Spirit Award nominations have been announced, and while most of the films being honored don't fall into our wheelhouse, it seems necessary to point out two very nice surprises. For starters, David Robert Mitchell's IT FOLLOWS, that indie horror sensation released in the spring, nabbed three noms to call its own. When the competition includes heavy hitters like CAROL, SPOTLIGHT, BEASTS OF NO NATION, ROOM - just to name a few - that's an impressive feat.

And the noms aren't anything to sneeze at. Mitchell himself scored a nomination for Best Director, and the film got Best Editing and Best Cinematography kudos as well. Too bad there's no category for Best Score, because you know Disasterpiece would be all up in that.

And how about this as a bonus?! Richard Jenkins was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his excellent turn in BONE TOMAHAWK. That's one I genuinely didn't see coming; while it's doubtful he'll get recognized elsewhere, this is still unexpectedly awesome for the actor and the hardcore horror-western.

For the full list of nominations, head over HERE.


Source: Spirit Awards



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