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It's finally here: Piranha Man vs Wolf Man: Howl of the Piranha

04.30.2010by: Ammon Gilbert
If you've thought you've seen all the versus movies out there, if you thought the versus genre was dead in the water. then I'm here to prove you wrong. Dead wrong. Because there's a new versus flick out now that's so epic in scope and concept (yet dwindling in effects and budget), that it proves that there's still some fight in the versus department.

The film? PIRANHA MAN VS WOLF MAN: HOWL OF THE PIRANHA. With a title like that, what more do you need to know? Not a whole helluva lot, but let's amuse ourselves and learn more: Piranha Man Versus Wolf Man: Howl of the Piranha details the epic generations-long battle between two of natures most perfect killing machines! The rivalry between the fish-like Piranha Man and the canine Wolf Man is one of brutal murder, familial kidnappings, stalking, and incest! When the decades old fight begins to effect the life of investigative journalist Lexi Glass, she finds that sometimes you need to become the story in order to report the story. She discovers the battle of a lifetime along with the horrible secret of her family’s past! Piranha Man Versus Wolf Man: Howl of the Piranha, the inter-species battle you’ve been waiting for!

Wow. Just wow. You can also check out the trailer, along with a few stills from the film to hammer the point home that yes, this is a real movie, and yes... Piranha Man and Wolf Man really do exist.

It looks like low-budget cheese, or like a sequel to THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, but with Piranha Man instead. My only complaint? Not enough battling between Piranha Man and Wolf Man for my liking. I get it's only the trailer, but come on! Throw us a fight scene already! It is the point of the movie, no? That they fight?

To check out what I mean, spy the trailer below, and get ready for PIRANHA MAN VS WOLF MAN: HOWL OF THE PIRANHA premiering in the Chicago area May 15, 2010.

Thanks to Avery for the heads up!

Extra Tidbit: My dream movie would be PIRANHA MAN VS MEGA PIRANHA. Maybe these guys can get hired by Asylum and make the ultimate piranha versus movie ever. That would be awesome.



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