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It's the Booze Talkin': Give us a sequel to the EVIL DEAD remake!

08.12.2014by: JimmyO

When the 2013 remake of EVIL DEAD was announced it seemed far from a groovy idea. Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and gang made some of the most wildly creative gore flicks ever made and to even revisit it in anything other than a sequel to the original trilogy seemed blasphemy. Then came a couple of intriguing trailers and finally, the movie itself, and I was more than a little surprised. Loaded with gore with a ton of nods to the original franchise, this Fede Alvarez directed flick entertained the hell out of me. With cringe worthy kills and an intriguing premise, the new flick gutted my expectations. In other words, it was a bloody blast. So when are we getting a sequel?

With a moderate budget of $17 million (moderate at least by Hollywood standards) the horror flick managed to make a hefty $97 million in its worldwide box office. Hell, the film even earned a decent 62% positive rating on RottenTomatoes which was nearly as shocking as the blood-soaked climax itself. And while Jane Levy kind of, sort of, filled the shoes of Campbell, the actress seems to think that a sequel just is not written into the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. Our very own Eric Walkuski spoke with Jane recently – expect a couple of Hottie Stop interviews with both Levy and the lovely Maggie Grace in support of their latest ABOUT ALEX soon – and she stated that “I don’t think they’re going to make it.” You can check out the complete story here, and read the full interview coming soon on MovieHotties.

As the “final girl” in EVIL DEAD I thought the actress did a demonically delicious job. Making her ‘Mia’ an addict that was going through some very bad withdrawal symptoms was an interesting twist. And like Campbell, I’d like to see her brought back along with a part two. And with the possibility of an EVIL DEAD TV show in the works, it would be exciting to see these worlds collide. Maybe some of you scoff at the idea of seeing Levy and Campbell together in this messed up realm of demonic possession – or at the very least ‘Ash’ return in some form – but it seems to me that it might be an enticing vision. Both characters fought impossible odds and got all sorts of bloody, so I’d be all up for the two characters to be brought back in a sequel.

Now since Levy seems to think that the sequel is dead or at least her involvement in it (maybe Mia goes on to live a peaceful demon free life) does that necessarily make a part two impossible? As of May of this year, Alvarez himself stated in an interview that the sequel “will happen when the time is right.” Now as a die-hard fan of the originals – and yes, the remake as well – not making a sequel seems a little crazy. And with the final extra scene featuring Campbell, the world could very well be open to making all soul swallowing goodness work in the same universe. While 2013’s take was far more serious in tone than say EVIL DEAD 2 or ARMY OF DARKNESS, you could also look at the original film which is more of a straight forward horror film as opposed to its sequels. Yet for me, all four movies fit perfectly together.

Even as a young impressionable youth, the EVIL DEAD franchise has been one of my favorites. EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN may have been one of my most watched VHS tapes well before DVD. The four films make for arguably one of the most consistent horror franchises ever put to screen. I’d be willing to bet that with Raimi’s involvement and Alvarez and Levy attached, a sequel might be worth investing in. This is something I wouldn’t have ever uttered before April 4th of last year.

Maybe it’s the booze talkin’, but I want a sequel to EVIL DEAD! And yes, for me that means revisiting Mia’s character with Fede Alvarez at the helm. This remake, reboot, or what have you had brutal bloodshed, gallons of gore and a surprisingly fun feel which happily had me in wonderment. This popular franchise still has a huge audience – judging from the success of the EVIL DEAD Festival we at AITH hosted last year – and fans are still waiting for word on ARMY OF DARKNESS 2 or the new television series. It seems to me that the Deadites would be welcome in nearly any take that Raimi and company can dream up. After all, many lucky fans have been splattered with blood courtesy of "Evil Dead The Musical." So wouldn’t it be a good thing to see another EVIL DEAD? For me… Absolutely!
Extra Tidbit: What are your thoughts? Do you want to see ARMY OF DARKNESS 2? EVIL DEAD 2? Or are you ready to bury the whole thing?
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