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IT'S THE BOOZE TALKIN': Here are the flicks I'm looking forward to most in 2012

01.03.2012by: Ammon Gilbert

Nothing cures the post-New Yearís party hangover like a Miller High Life, and by golly, thatís what Iíve been doing ever since the 2012 ball dropped. Because I donít like to get all nostalgic and sentimental and shit, Iím looking ahead to the New Yearómore specifically, the horror flicks (and even a few action flicks) that are coming our way in the next 12 months, and you knowÖ this year is lining up to deliver all kinds of awesomeness (and way more than what 2011 ended up delivering). So hereís a drunken list of flicks I canít wait to check out this year and yesÖ Iím sure that Iím missing a few between cases of the Champagne of Beers, so sue me. Hereís what 2012 has to offer (more or less):

Because superhero / comic book flicks are all the rage with the young kids these days, Iíll start there. Comic books donít equal horror flicks, I know, but there are a few that cross and blur that line, so Iíll include them here. First up, CHRONICLE, the CLOVERFIELD-style found-footage flick about a group of teens who become superheroesÖ while one becomes a super-villian. Shit looks pretty dark, yo, and plusÖ itís set in my backyard, through the gloomy landscapes of Seattle. But higher on my list than CHRONICLE is GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE, with Nic Cage acting way over the top under the direction of Neveldine/Taylor (those CRANK guys), and scenes about pissing fire and spitting bullets. If there ever was a movie to go after my own heart, itís GHOST RIDER 2, and goddamnit, this shit looks like itís going to be all kinds of awesome.

But enough about superheroes, how about some genuine horror flicks this year. Like THE CABIN IN THE WOODS from director Joss Whedon. Sure, itís been on the shelf for over a year, but thatís just the studio hating everything Whedon doesÖ right? The name explains it all and for that, I canít wait to finally see it. 3D or no 3D. In a similar vein, thereís THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET starring the superhot and super talented Jennifer Lawrence and the MILF of the year, Elisabeth Shue. Great title, great cast, and if done right, this one will be the ghost story shit like DREAM HOUSE could onlyÖ dream about being. Letís just hope they donít release these two too close to each other, because letís face itÖ Iíve already mixed them up based on the title alone and Iíd hate to think of what would happen if the masses couldnít figure out theyíre two different movies.

Darker sci-fi flicks are also living large this year with Ridley Scottís goosebump-inducing epic PROMETHEUS, which already looks f*cking amazing and made for one of the yearís most epic trailers. While not officially connected to the ALIEN series, the look and feel of the film is straight out of Scottís ALIEN, and honestlyÖ thatís all we can ask for. Looks absolutely amazeballs. Then thereís Colin Farrell in the TOTAL RECALL remake, a film that I have somewhere in between most-hated and most-anticipated. Honestly, I just want to see what the f*ck theyíre doing thatís so different that they felt they had to remake the original. If thereís one flick Iím going to love to hate this year, itís TOTAL RECALL.

It wouldnít be a year worth talking about if there wasnít a buttload of sequels in the mix, and this yearís no exception, especially on the horror side. PIRANHA 3DD has the potential to knock our socks off, even if it screams straight to video. They threw a double-D in the title, for f*ckís sake, whatís there not to like? Then thereís THE AMITYVILLE HORROR: THE LOST TAPES, which could be awesomeÖ or it could suck harder than The Asylumís THE AMITYVILLE HAUNTING. Could the found footage angle revive this long-forgotten franchise? Weíll see.

3D also makes an appearance this year with THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3D and (supposedly) HALLOWEEN 3D (though I have my doubts this one is gonna happen). While I didnít give a shit about TCM: THE BEGINNING, the idea of chainsaw-wielding maniacs going berserk in the third dimension sounds like a shitload of fun, and who knowsÖ maybe this time Platinum Dunes will get it right (they did good with the original TCM remake, itís possible they could do it again).

And finally, the modern-day action flick. While every year has a ton of action movies released, this is the only year when THE EXPENDABLES 2 hits. Even bigger than THE EXPENDABLES, this one has all the returning characters (minus Mickey Rourke) plus even bigger additions (JCVD and Chuck Norris, yo!), and a teaser trailer that is the very definition of what teaser trailers are all about. Plus, Liam Neeson kicking wolf asses in THE GREY, Liam Neeson kicking all sorts of asses in TAKEN 2, Liam Neeson kicking giant fighting robots in BATTLESHIP, and the new Judge Dredd adaptation DREDD. Oh, and was that The Rock and Bruce Willis showing up in G.I. JOE 2? Youíre goddamn it was. I hated the first one, but you know whatÖ this one looks a whole lot of fun.

Maybe itís the booze talking, but there are a ton of cool looking flicks Iím looking forward to in 2012. From comic books (even THE AVENGERS looks cool), to horror and sci-fi, 3D and sequels, and even some other flicks I forgot to mention (THE HUNGER GAMES, ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER), DARK SHADOWS, PARANORMAN, THE POSSESSION, FRANKENWEENIE, and WORLD WAR Z. And how weird is it that this year doesnít have a SAW or a PARANORMAL ACTIVITY flick on the calendar? Weirdóbut a weirdness that will probably be corrected by the end of the month. Either way, hopefully thereís enough cool shit coming out this year to keep me from drinking so goddamn muchÖ or hopefully not. Nothing makes a fine film better than a Miller High Life. Happy New Year!

Extra Tidbit: What flicks are YOU looking forward to most this year?



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