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It's the Booze Talkin': Nolan's Batman series could be The Best Trilogy Of All Time!

07.17.2012by: Ammon Gilbert

Unless youíve been living under a rock, youíre well aware that a little movie called THE DARK KNIGHT RISES hits theaters this Friday, in what may be the most anticipated movie of the summer season. If any movie has the ability to over-throw THE AVENGERS in terms of quality and box office, itís this one. Not only is it a Batman movie, itís the sequel to the monster hit THE DARK KNIGHT and the last Batman film to be directed by Christopher Nolan. Yep, itís the epic conclusion to his Dark Knight story. Iíll be seeing that shit opening day, but before I do, Iím gonna go ahead and make a bold statement: Nolanís DARK KNIGHT trilogy could end up being the greatest trilogy in the history of cinema! Yup, I said it!

Iím not talking just in terms of film quality, but also as a financial powerhouse. The most successful trilogy in history, the best trilogy in history, and if anyone can live up to such a claim, itís Nolan. Letís look at what heís done so far: he rebooted a franchise that was already 5 movies deep and made everyone forget about what Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher did before him. He made another origin story that was more exciting and compelling than anything we had seen about Bruce Wayne before, and delivered when it came to hard-hitting entertainment, with equally interesting character development and explosive action sequences. BATMAN BEGINS was more epic and better than most people gave it credit for when it was initially released but has since grown in popularity and is now finally getting the respect it deserves.

Then Nolan outdoes himself with THE DARK KNIGHT, a Batman sequel that was far superior to any Batman movie before it, and probably way better than it had any right to be. Part superhero movie, part heist movie, part crime drama, part epic storytelling, thereís a damn good reason it become the number one grossing film of all time before AVATAR came and took the crown away. Heath Ledger did what no one thought was possible, which was out-perform Jack Nicholson as The Joker, and his performance was even awarded with an Oscar. That alone should blow your mind. An Academy Award-winning Batman movie. Oscar worthy. Itís a f*ckiní comic book movie for f*ckís sake, and yetÖ itís that damn good. Itís not a perfect movie, but itís a damn good movie, with so many awesome things going for it that it almost makes me sad to think that THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is Nolanís final Batman film.

The setup for TDKR is greató8 years after he was shamed, Batman comes back to save Gotham from Bane. Catwoman is in the house too (though as friend or foeÖ we donít know yet!), and basically everything weíve seen thus far (trailers, teasers, posters, clips, stills, etcÖ) have pointed to 100 on the Awesome Scale. Sure, people claim to not like Baneís voice. There are gripes that the trailers donít show enough Batman in them. And to these gripers, I say, you havenít even seen the movie yet! Go hate on the marketing team at Warner Bros. and reserve your judgment for the film when you finally see it. Sure, Iím praising the film 6 ways to Sunday before seeing it, but what the hell ya gonna do, right? Itís more for the potential the film has, which is all we can do until we see Nolanís final masterpiece in action.

I said this could be the greatest trilogy of all timeóand I meant it. If TDKR is as good as TDK, Nolanís trilogy will be better than the CHILDíS PLAY trilogy, itíll be better than Sam Raimiís SPIDER-MAN trilogy, the EVIL DEAD trilogy, and even the BOURNE trilogy. But f*ck that, Iím taking it one step further into insanity. It may be better than THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, the INDIANA JONES trilogy (I donít count CRYSTAL SKULLS), THE GODFATHER trilogy, the original STAR WARS trilogy, the BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy, and even THE TERMINATOR trilogy. All of these trilogies are epic. Theyíre all good, and most have stood the test of time, as even today people cherish every one of these films. And Iím not taking anything away from themÖ Iím just saying, Nolansí DARK KNIGHT trilogy has the potential to be better than any of them.

The old saying that ďthe third movie always sucksĒ can be said for a large percentage of the greatest trilogies of all time (THE GODFATHER, BACK TO THE FUTURE, TERMINATOR, SPIDER-MAN, etcÖ), so thereís a small possibility that THE DARK KNIGHT RISES will follow suit, howeverÖ I doubt it. Weíre talking about Christopher Nolan here, and I just donít see his last Batman movie sucking ass. If this is truly the ďepic conclusion to the Dark Knight legendĒ as the marketing campaign claims it to be, thereís no way it will be anything less than epic, right? But letís just entertain the idea that TDKR wonít be as good as TDKÖ so what? Even if itís not as good chances are that it will still be pretty goddamn good and if thatís the case, then it will still be better than most thirds in the trilogy, and thus still rank up there as one of the greatest trilogies of all time!

Maybe itís the booze talkiní, but THE DARK KNIGHT RISES could end up making Nolanís THE DARK KNIGHT trilogy the greatest film trilogy ever made. And I mean ever, as itís rare that all three films in a series are as epic as the one before it, and goddamn itÖ Nolan has already struck gold twice, I doubt heíll fold for the third round. Itís his last Batman movie, and every ounce of my soul tells me heís going to put his all in this motherf*cker and make one of the best films of his career. And if Iím right, then this will truly be the most epic trilogy of all time. And if Iím wrongÖ well, Iím a drunk asshole, what are you gonna do about it? But something tells me Iíll be right, and weíll find out soon enough when THE DARK KNIGHT RISES smashes into theaters everywhere this Friday, July 20th!



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