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It's the Final Symphony for Dexter in this promo for Season 8

04.25.2013by: Kevin Woods

As we approach the final season of the hit Showtime series "Dexter", which is set to begin on Sunday June 30th on the cable giant, we'll be seeing a lot of heavy promotion coming our way. Earlier this week we got our hands on a cool little promo titled 'Vetting, Stalking, Killing' (if you missed that one, click HERE!), and today we have a brand new promo for Season 8 of the long-running series, this one a kind of highlight reel of some of the titular characters greatest hits titled 'Final Symphony'. Lay eyes on it below!

"Dexter" stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter and the eighth and final season features a slew of guest stars that include Bethany Joy Lenz, Rhys Coiro, Charlotte Rampling, Nick Gomez, and Sean Patrick Flanery. The end begins on June 30th.

Extra Tidbit: Which season of "Dexter" was your favorite? How do you think it will all end for Mr. Morgan?



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