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Ivan Reitman says there's hope Bill Murray could return for Ghostbusters 3

09.03.2014by: Kevin Woods

Yes, we're talking about GHOSTBUSTERS 3 again. After years of wondering whether or not a third film in the GHOSTBUSTERS franchise would happen, it seems that we have an answer as work on the film is gearing up. Most recently we learned that BRIDESMAIDS and THE HEAT director Paul Feig was in talks to helm a 'female-centric' reboot, but many have been wondering if we'll see the return of the original 'Busters (minus the great Harold Ramis, who sadly passed earlier this year). More to the point, would Bill Murray make a return?

Ivan Reitman recently spoke with Toronto Life about the new GHOSTBUSTERS film, sharing that work has definitely started on putting together a new film. Shares Reitman...

The studio is in, and we have writers working on it as we speak. We’re ­hoping to film at the beginning of next year. Dan Aykroyd and I meet about once a month to talk about it.

This echoes earlier statements from Reitman about the status of the film. Yes, it seems we are definitely getting a new GHOSTBUSTERS film. Now, what of Bill Murray's possible involvement? That's been a big question surrounding this new film. Reitman seems to think there's hope that Murray will return, stating...

He’s publicly said no, but Bill and I have done six movies together, and he never says yes until literally just before the shoot. Two TIFFs ago, we had a late dinner at Sotto Sotto, and we ate and talked until 4:30 in the morning. I told him, “I don’t care if you do ­Ghostbusters—I mean, I’d love it if you did—but why aren’t you doing leading parts for big studio films?” He said he didn’t want that responsibility. He wanted to be a character actor.

I've always been on the fence about a new GHOSTBUSTERS flick, but if they can somehow manage to get Murray to return then I'll definitely give the new film a chance, even if he's taking a backseat to a new cast. Just seeing him don the 'Busters uniform again would bring a big ol' goofy grin to my face (just as it did when he tossed on the old duds for ZOMBIELAND, seen above).

We'll keep you posted on news regarding GHOSTBUSTERS 3 (or whatever they'll be calling it) as we hear it.

Extra Tidbit: Would Murray's involvement help to sell you on checking out GHOSTBUSTERS 3?
Source: Toronto Life



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