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Jack's in the house!

04.10.2008by: Mike Catalano

I’ve been waiting to tell you all about this one for a while because it sounds so awesome! Finally, Fango scored a sweet poster (below) as well as the newest image (above) from the recently completed slasher, BASEMENT JACK! Jared first reported on this flick a ways back here. I think this one is going to rock ya to death! Take a big old stab at the plot:

Jack Riley, is a former abused child who hides out in the cellars of happy families hoping to purge his personal demons, but is triggered into murderous mania whenever a lightning storm blows up.

Original. Creepy. Two of the words that instantly come to mind after reading that synopsis. I’m really hoping JACK can live up to its imminent potential. It’s directed by Michael Shelton from a script by Brian Patrick O’Toole (EVILUTION and BOO). The cast includes Eric Peter-Kaiser as JACK, Michele Morrow, Sam Skoryna, Lynn Lowry, and everyone’s favorite, Tiffany Shepis (below)…

And now as an added BASEMENT JACK bonus, I actually got a chance to speak with Ms. Shepis (who plays a cop) briefly on the flick. Have a look:

This appears to be the first time you’ve ever played a police officer. What was it like taking on the “long arm of the law” for a change?

TF: Haha… it was awesome. I gotta tell ya, the outfit, the gun, the belt, the cuffs mmmmm… makes you feel so bad-ass. I LOVED IT!!

How does Basement Jack stack up with the other slasher-themed horror flicks you've done?

TF: I haven't seen BJ yet, but shooting it was awesome. The director was the guy who did the sfx for The Exorcism of Emily Rose so he really knows his cgi and practical fx. I hear the death scenes are fantastic. Making was also a bit nutty . Shooting downtown at the Lynnwood Hospital (I think that's what it was called) anyway that place is suppose to be haunted. Now I didn't actually see anything and I went on many a ghost hunts there but you do get a really really creepy vibe. So keep yer eyes peeled when watching to see lil ghost-y people!

After making the movie, do basements seem any more frightening to you?

TF: I'm still OK with basements, it's attics that are f*cked up!!!!

That's all I got. For now, you can check out JACK's website here. It's set to invade theaters some time in 2008. I'll keep you updated!

Source: Fangoria



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