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Jackson IS Octopus!

05.18.2007by: Ammon Gilbert
Just earlier this week we learned that Will Eisner's THE SPIRIT was indeed gearing up for a movie adaptation, with Frank Miller in both the writer and director seat. And TODAY we have some very exciting news on the SPIRIT front - Samuel L. Jackson has been cast as The Octopus, The Spirit's evil bad guy nemisis!

The sound you just heard was me falling off my chair. Holy crap! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jackson would play the Spirit's nemesis, the Octopus, a meek lab assistant who reinvents himself as a psychotic nightmare that kills anyone unfortunate enough to see his face. The Octopus' tentacles reach into every aspect of crime in fictitious Central City, a city he plans to wipe out.

I don't know about you, but he sounds way cooler than Doc Ock, and let's face it- Jackson was the pimpest of bad guy's as the infamous Mr. Glass in UNBREAKABLE. Can you imagine what he's going to pull in this one???

Not only that, but slap 300 and SIN CITY creator at the helm? This may just be coolest movie gearing for a 2008 release (well, this and THE DARK KNIGHT).

No word on who is in considerations to play The Spirit himself, but with The Octopus being cast so soon, I'd give it a week until the big news breaks- so stick around!!!



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