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James Wan and Roy Lee to produce remake of The Entity

04.20.2015by: Ryan Miller

The Entity

The latest film on the remake chopping block is Sidney J. Furie’s 1983 shocker THE ENTITY, which told the supposedly true story of Carla Moran, a single mom who was abused physically and sexually by a supernatural demon. The creative team behind THE CONJURING will be getting back together for this one, as THR reports that horror maven James Wan will produce the remake with brothers Chad and Carey Hayes on board to pen the script. Roy Lee has also been attached to produce alongside Wan.

In the original film, Barbara Hershey played Moran while Ron Silver played a doctor who believes the woman is actually abusing herself and experiencing delusions brought about by a troubled past. Also figuring into the proceedings was a young son, a boyfriend, and two parapsychologists.

Wan is currently not attached to direct, which probably has something to do with him shooting THE CONJURING 2: THE ENFIELD POLTERGEIST later this fall. We'll hit you with more on this one as we get!

The Entity

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Source: THR



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