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Jamie Kennedy NOT returning to the new Scream trilogy!

04.26.2010by: Jake Dee

Consider this rumor control!

A couple weeks back, CHUD offered an inkling of Jamie Kennedy (right) being set to rejoin Neve Campbell (below), as well as David and Courteney Cox-Arquette in Wes Craven's 4th SCREAM film. Well folks, looks like that shite is straight up hogwash, as FearNet is now reporting the polarizing "Randy" character will NOT be making a return. Not now, nor in parts 5 or 6!

Of course, with this news, the mystery behind how Randy might have been brought back is out the window. We obviously saw the character return in part 3 via video recording flashbacks, but swirlings this go around had him as a possible killer who faked his demised in part 2, which, in my opinion, would have been beyond ridiculous. Either way, with Kennedy officially discarded, so are all hypotheticals surrounding his character. No damn fun!

According to screenwriter Kevin Williamson:

"No. We're not that movie. We're not that universe where you can bring people back from the dead," he told FearNet. "That would be just a cheat. It's such a disservice. Everyone's like, 'When's Randy coming back?' I'm like, 'You know what? I would love nothing more than to have Jamie Kennedy in the film. However to have Randy in the film, it sort of just takes it... I mean 'Scream 2' was a lie, you know? It's a false move. So I just won't do it. I can't do that. I just won't do it."

On the positive side of confirmation however, well, positive in the eyes of some, is the fact that a new SCREAM trilogy is forging ahead, with original scribe Kevin Williamson on board for all three. Question is, will Wes find it in him to helm a grand total of 6 "ghost face" pictures? With the recent resurgence of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, my guess is a resounding YES (remember, Craven has virtually nothing to do with Samuel Bayer's remake).

SCREAM 4 unspools April 15th , 2011.

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Source: FearNet



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