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Jawbreaker director Darren Stein opens up about new untitled witch coven movie

05.11.2011by: Jake Dee

While out pimping the Blu-ray release of dark teen comedy JAWBREAKER, writer/director Darren Stein spoke with Movieweb about what he'll be working on down the road. One movie came up, despite currently being untitled, that certainly fits the AITH mold. Wanna hear about it?!?

Word is Stein is cooking up a witch-coven picture, a semi high-concept genre outing that matches the sensibilities of BLACK SWAN with that of SCREAM. Check out what homey had to say:

"I'm actually writing a film right now, which is about a coven of witches. It definitely feels like something new since it deals with media and reality TV. It's sort of like picking something that's mythic and supernatural and wanting to be famous and bringing it into the media age where the Kardashians exist. People are famous for being on TV and, perhaps not doing much. I don't want to tell you exactly what it is, because I feel the idea is still fresh, and I don't want to put it out in the press yet, exactly what it is. It's pretty high-concept, though. It's like Scream meets Black Swan (Laughs). It's got sort of a melodrama, girl-on-girl conflict of Black Swan, and the snarky, modern-day media references that Scream had."

Nothing wrong with that, ay? I wonder if Stein will wait to see how LORDS OF SALEM and HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS perform, just to see if the public has an interest in witch themed material. Of course, BLACK SWAN made well over $100 million, and even though SCREAM 4 underperformed in many eyes, it's likely to turn a tidy profit come DVD/Blu-ray release time.

What do you think? Is Stein's description a promising one or do you not really care either way?

JAWBREAKER hottie Julie Benz!

Extra Tidbit: JAWBREAKER alums Rose McGowan and Rebecca Gayheart both appeared in a SCREAM movie.
Source: Movieweb



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