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JC says no to Sly!

11.28.2008by: The Arrow

When I reported on the DOLPH LUNDGREN joins STALLONE'S THE EXPENDABLES thing HERE, I jolted down "Just get Van Damme in there too and consider me a fulfilled human being!". Well according to Moviehole.net, it seems that JC was in fact  offered a role in Sly's THE EXPENDABLES and he turned it down, so Sly went to Dolph instead who wisely accepted.

And I quote:"They offered the role to a couple of other actors, like JCVD, before they went to Dolph" WTF? It doesn't make any damn sense! This was a shot at getting back in a Studio picture, with Stallone, Jet Li and Jason Statham having your back no less! I don't get it! What a f*cking shame! I won't assume "why" he said no-dice but sure hope it goes beyond ego and not wanting to share top-billing.  THE EXPENDABLES enters production early next year! BRING IT!

UPDATE: Director Sheldon Lettich (who worked with Van Damme) posted this on the Vandammefan.net boards: "Apparently, Sly was pissed too. Sly made the offer personally. They spoke on the phone for a half hour or so. JC apparently gave Sly the explanation about following a new and different career path for himself now." Thanks to DRAGONRAGE for the heads up!

A very BAD MOVE on JC's part IMO.

Ahhh the good old day...

Source: Moviehole.net



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