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JCVD in US3!

11.06.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
MTV just spoke with the muscles from Brussels himself, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and have confirmed that he will, in fact, be starring in UNIVERSAL SOLDIER 3! Yeah, baby!!!

Not only is Van Damme returning (for 10 days, so it's more likely a glorified cameo... but maybe it's a quick shoot), but another past JCVD collaborator is working on the film as well. Peter Hyams, the director of TIMECOP, is on board US3, not as the film's director but as the film's director of photography! Wow, didn't see that coming! Simon Fellows, who directed JCVD in UNTIL DEATH, will be directing instead.

But the real question, the one question that is burning inside your gut that you just need answering is will Dolph Lundgren be returning as well??? I'll let Van Damme explain: I told them, guys bring in Dolph! They said there’s no more value [to cast him]. I said, ‘it will have value with me!'

No value? F*ck those guys, whoever they are! Bringing on Dolph Lundgren will bring more production legitimacy than this franchise really deserves right now, and would probably bring this thing to 'theatrical' status, rather than 'straight to DVD,' which is where this is likely going.

I'm stoked Van Damme is back, but bummed Lundgren isn't. Oh well, you can't have it all, right? To check out the full scoop, click HERE, and get ready for more UNIVERSAL SOLDIER 3 updates!

Source: MTV



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