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Jeffrey Wright, Rodrigo Santoro & more join HBO series Westworld

08.06.2014by: Jake Dee

Goddamn I love this idea...

Two weeks ago we let you know the great Anthony Hopkins will headline HBO's long-form reimagining of 70s sci-fi thriller Westworld, doing so alongside cutie Evan Rachel Wood. Well, here comes the cavalry!

THR is saying that splendid actors Jeffrey Wright (Boardwalk Empire, seen right) and Rodrigo Santoro (DOMINION) have just been added to the Westworld cast, as has Shannon Woodward (Raising Hope), Ingrid Bolsø Berdal (Hercules), Angela Sarafyan (The Good Guys), and Simon Quarterman (The Devil Inside). They're specific parts, as seen in the pilot, are as follows:

  • Wright is slated for Bernard Lowe, the brilliant and quixotic head of the park’s Programming Division, whose keen observation of human nature provides him with boundless inspiration for his life’s work: creating artificial people.
  • Santoro will play Harlan Bell, Westworld’s perennial “Most Wanted” bandit.
  • Woodward will play Elsie King, a sardonic rising star in the programming division, who’s charged with diagnosing the odd quirks of behaviors in the park’s hosts.
  • Berdal will play Armistice, a savage fighter and brutal bandit, whose ruthlessness with her victims is surpassed only by her abiding loyalty to her fellow outlaws.
  • Sarafyan will play the beguiling Clementine Pennyfeather, one of Westworld’s most popular attractions.
  • Quarterman will play Lee Sizemore, the narrative director of Westworld, whose inspired storylines consistently delight or terrify the guests.

Until we learn more on Westworld, let us know which of the newly added characters has you most excited!

Shannon Woodward!

Extra Tidbit: Have you seen the original WESTWORLD movie? What did you think?
Source: THR



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