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Jennifer Lynch produced Compound bites hard with new trailer and BTS pics

05.24.2010by: Ammon Gilbert

Remember what CUJO did for St. Bernards? Despite how nice the dogs are, after CUJO, people had a different outlook of what a St. Bernard was and what the dogs were capable of doing--even if it was because of a fictional story by the demented mind of Stephen King.

On the other hand, people don't need much convincing of the savage ferocity of Pit Bulls, as they've made a reputation for themselves over the years of killing people, not to mention other dogs and animals. Director Jennifer Lynch decided to roll with the idea in her new movie THE COMPOUND, a film that goes into the disgusting world of dog fighting, and the raising of Pit Bulls to be killers.

See, because pit bulls are actually nice dogs, it's the assholes who own them and raise them to be killers who are the real monsters. And that's what this film looks at--but, of course, giving it a CUJO-like twist with the stalking of two innocents through a compound of dog-fighting Pit Bulls. Check out the synopsis:

When a pack of prized Pit Bulls turn on a professional underground Dog Fighter, a single mother, struggling to raise her son, is put through the ultimate test of survival.

Did I say sorta like CUJO? Besides the rabbies / underground Dog Fighter angle, it's exactly like CUJO. Not to say that it won't work, I'm just saying... Anyway, we have the trailer for the flick below, as well as a number of behind the scenes photos, mostly featuring the dogs in the dusty Californian desert where the film was shot, but a few on a few on the sets of the actual compound itself.

Lynch rocked the thriller genre with SURVEILLANCE, and there's no doubt in my mind she's gonna be able to rock it again with THE COMPOUND. Enjoy the trailer and the new behind the scenes pics below, and for even more behind the scenes action, be sure to hit up the film's Official FACEBOOK PAGE. Stick around for more THE COMPOUND news as we hear it!

Extra Tidbit: Jennifer Lynch served as Production Assistant on David Lynch's BLUE VELVET in 1986.
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