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Jennifer Tilly wraps on Cult of Chucky plus new BTS pics

02.13.2017by: Mike Sprague

The new CHILD'S PLAY sequel CULT OF CHUCKY is currently filming up in Winnipeg, and we have been swarmed lately with behind the scenes pics courtesy of the Bride of Chucky herself, Jennifer Tilly.

Jennifer Tilly joined the production a few weeks back and it seems - as of today - she has wrapped up her role as Tiffany on the new film.

I know movies tend to be shot very quickly now-a-days, but it seems as if Tilly wasn't on set for very long... but, whatever, that doesn't mean she'll have a small role in the film. After all, she was only in the last 3-5 minutes of CURSE OF CHUCKY but made a huge impression over the rest of the film.

Let's hope she finds her way into CULT OF CHUCKY for a bit longer than 3-5 minutes, as Tilly has been one of the main draws to the CHILD'S PLAY sequels since her incorporation back in 1999 in BRIDE OF CHUCKY. Not that we don't love you too, Fiona Dourif. We do. But you've got some work to do before you're the Chucky main-stay Tilly has proven herself to be. But, again, nothing but love.

As always, we'll keep you up to date on all CULT OF CHUCKY happenings as they hit.

Check out Jennifer Tilly's tweet and more behind the scenes pics below.


Extra Tidbit: Pick a sequel: BRIDE or CURSE OF CHUCKY
Source: Twitter



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