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Jenn's bloody Body pics

08.06.2009by: Mike Catalano

In this corner (above), we have the evil champion Megan Fox! In the other corner (below), is good-girl contender Amanda Seyfried! See them do battle in an all-out grudge match in JENNIFERíS BODY! Please excuse the whole boxing-type lingo. Thatís just all I kept thinking about after seeing these two new pics from the flick ó Megan and Amanda all battered and bruised just like Rocky and Apollo at the end of ROCKY.

As you can clearly see from the images, both chicks are still standing, which can only mean there is still one more round for them to endure. Looks like itís going to be one hell of a fight.

Iíve gotta admit that beyond the obvious hotness of itís two leading ladies, Iím also very interesting in catching JENNIFER to see what exactly an ultra-creative mind like Diablo Cody has in store for our genre. I mean, shit, the girl is a stripper and Oscar winner! Plus, sheís already off to the right start by making certain the flick was secured with a nice R rating. You can bet Iíll be hitting the theater on the weekend of September 18th.

Extra Tidbit: Can you name any other Oscar-winning script writer whose very next flick released was an allĖout horror movie?
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