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Jerry O'Connell set to play Herman Munster in NBC's "Mockingbird Lane"

06.04.2012by: Jake Dee

What's this now? Verne is set to play Herman Munster? Weird.

But it's true. THR has it that Jerry O'Connell (above) is set to play Herman Munster in NBC's Munsters, refashioning, "Mockingbird Lane." He'll join Eddie Izzard, Charity Wakefield and Mason Cooke in the Bryan Fuller produced, Bryan Singer directed series.

The madness begins when a baby bear attacks a scouting trip, only it turns out that this "bear" is actually Eddie transformed into a werewolf. Eddie is unaware of his metamorphosis and it forces the family to move in order to protect the family secret. The coming of age story gets weirder as he fights against his family when he learns of a shocker: they're a family of flesh-eaters!

Thoughts on Verne joining the cast? Will he be a good comedic foil for Izzard?

Extra Tidbit: O'Connell still shacked up with Rebecca Romijn (above)?
Source: THR



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