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Jesse Eisenberg talks Zombieland 2, shooting in 3D, and more!

05.21.2010by: Jake Dee

Now that vampires and werewolves have subsumed the horror globe, who misses zombies?

If you just raised your hand to yourself (you need help), we've got just the thing to keep you in the gory graces of reanimated cadavers. You see, ZOMBIELAND star Jesse Eisenberg (seen right) recently caught up with the cool peeps of Movieweb and dished a few deets about the much anticipated Ruben Fleischer follow up. He talks about the use of 3D technology, a MAGNOLIA style deluge of frogs, and the ever tedious task of crotch staring. Yup, you ain't gonna wanna miss this shite!

While pimping his new flick HOLLY ROLLERS, Eisenberg wasted no time busting some balls:

"It is going to rain frogs (in ZOMBIELAND 2). And they are going to go through all of the sins from the bible with the zombies. And that's how we defeat them."

When quizzed about the validity of such an absurd statement, Jesse quipped:

"It's a complete lie."

Wow. What a huckster. But dude ain't just up to telling to lies. About one particular motif that was cut from the original film, Eisenberg explains the role of an On-Star Woman. Peep it..

"Yeah! That got cut out. That was true. That wasn't a lie. It was one of the bigger story elements, but they ended up cutting it out of the film. The way our characters kept finding the two girls after they stole both of our cars was because we were connected to this On-Star system. We would hit the button, and this woman would be our eye in the sky, so to speak. She would tell us where everyone was. That was all true. They ended up cutting it out of the movie for time constraints, I guess."

Weird, huh? I'm actually glad that bit got axed, how about you?

Now on the use of 3D in ZOMBIELAND 2:

"Yes. I believe they are going to shoot it in 3D. If they do it. Which will be interesting for the glasses industry. They are just starting to write the script. Maybe they haven't even started that yet. I don't know where my character will go. The first movie was fun, though. I can't imagine the second one won't be good."

About the effect 3D has on acting:

"I think they've made the 3D as unobtrusive as possible with these new cameras. I don't know, I've never seen them. From what I hear, it's not very different. It's one of the difficult challenges of a movie. To block out all the technical aspects, and focus on the character. Your character shouldn't be experiencing the grand nature of a movie set. It's one of those challenges, but I've heard that the 3D process isn't as intrusive as it used to be."

There it is y'all, the pure juice. For more, head over to Movieweb and read about Eisenberg's tireless crotch-staring contest between he and Woody Harrelson.

Extra Tidbit: My brother in-law thinks Emma Stone (above) looks like Jessica Rabbit. Anyone else see it?
Source: Movieweb



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