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Jigsaw's next clue

10.05.2007by: Ammon Gilbert

That dead bastard Jigsaw has been one busy mofo this week, as he's given clues over on MYSPACE and YouTube, asking US to see what he sees, and something about a date. Well today is no different, as he's left another mysterious clue over at ComingSoon.net, and yes... I still have no idea what's going on!

The themes are the same, he's making the same 'see what I see' request, as well as giving us the clue that it's 'in the date', but other than that... I'm lost! Could this be a big promotional kick to let people know that it's coming out 10.26.2007? Cause that's the only date I can think of. Maybe I'm just daft...

Regardless, head THIS WAY to get your next clue, and get ready for SAW IV in theaters everywhere Friday, October 26th.

Source: ComingSoon.net



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