J.K. Simmons talks Terminator: Genesis role, calls script intelligent

J.K. Simmons can do it all: Play guys you love (JUNO), guys you hate (HBO's "OZ"), guys who you both love and hate (Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN series). So what kind of guy will he be playing in Alan Taylor's TERMINATOR: GENESIS? Well, that remains to be seen. But Simmons is offering some words about his role (it's small… for now) and the script in an effort to get us further pumped about the franchise reboot. Not that we needed any encouragement.

Speaking to Empire, Simmons reveals he was dubious about the project at first, but was persuaded by the quality of the script:

I was leery of it when it first came my way, when my agent sent me the idea for it. It's a small part, which they insist gets much bigger in the sequels. But I was very pleasantly surprised by the script itself. This, I think, is a reimagining. They don't want to call it a sequel or a reboot. It's the world that James Cameron created with Arnold. All the leading characters are characters who have existed in that world – the character I play is new to it. The script, I think, is very smart, and it's going to be a wonderful part for Arnold to do. Jason Clarke, Emilia Clarke and Jai Courtney are already shooting – we did a table read a few weeks ago – and all of them are going to be great."

Interestingly, Simmons isn't the only TERMINATOR player with a role that looks to expand as the series moves forward: When Matt Smith was cast earlier in the month, it was revealed his part is one that will get bigger in the second and third films in this planned trilogy.

Simmons also clearly fond of Taylor, whom he's familiar with:

Alan Taylor is a wonderful director – I got to work with him on Oz a couple of times – so I'm optimistic that this can be one of those films. Y'know, it's a big action franchise, but it's also going to be a really intelligent, entertaining, enjoyable film."

Simmons will be squaring off against the end of civilization on July 1, 2015, TERMINATOR: GENESIS' release date.

New Sarah Connor, Emilia Clarke

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Source: Empire



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