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02.15.2007by: Pat Torfe

Way back in late October, we touched on JOB, which is being helmed by Pit of Horror webmaster John Gray and produced by SIN-JIN SMYTH's Ethan Dettenmaier. The film stars Bill Moseley, Michael Pare, Joe Knetter and Jonathan Davis from Korn as the titular character, but even that couldn't prevent the unfortunate news that production has been delayed.

Gray revealed to Fango recently that due to one cast member's unforeseen commitments, the filming couldn't begin in December as scheduled. "Rather than recast, we put things on hold." says Gray, but also notes that the film may go into preproduction any day now.

While it's unfortunate, at least Gray won't be bored, as he's taken on another directorial project set to being filming in Texas this Spring. "The script for this one is so great, and I'm really excited!" The film in question hasn't been announced, but Fangoria says that it's a slasher remake, which could really be almost anything. Stay tuned for more info in the near future on that one.

Source: Fangoria



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