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Jodie Foster says she's not officially in Neill Blomkamp's Elysium... yet

02.04.2011by: Eric Walkuski

With a budget of $120 million and expectations through the roof, I thik it's safe to say that Neill Blomkamp's sophmore effort ELYSIUM is a film we're all eager to learn more about. Chances are, we won't be getting much in the way of plot details anytime soon (all we know for sure is that it's set 100 years into the future and carries a strong social message), but it's still interesting to follow the building of the cast and crew. The awesome news that Syd Mead is on the design team is enough to get geeks drooling, as is the inclusion of actors Matt Damon, Sharlto Copley and Jodie Foster... Although that last name may have been added to the list prematurely.

In an interview with Empire Online, Ms. Foster reveals that she's not officially on board the project. At least, not at this time.

Actually, Im not on that movie! I dont know how that got out there. Well, Im not not on it, but Im not booked or involved in a deal yet. People want to jump the gun on Neill because hes the new David Fincher or whatever. And I get why I love him and District 9 was my favourite film of 2009. But were just not at that time in the process yet

Ah contract negotiations, got to love them. Always amazed by how long it takes for these things to play out, but I suppose I shouldn't be.

Keep it here for updates on ELYSIUM, which will be distributed by Sony Pictures... after it gets made. When that'll happen remains to be seen.

Extra Tidbit: What's you favorite Jodie Foster performance?
Source: Empire



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