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Joe Dante to direct Monster Love, described as Romeo & Juliet with fangs

02.11.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

Cult director Joe Dante (GREMLINS, THE HOWLING) is currently in pre-production on MONSTER LOVE. That tiny picture to the right is an early look at the sales art; hopefully we'll get a better view soon. Here is the synopsis:

A werewolf and a vampire fall in love, igniting a war between their respective communities. It's Romeo & Juliet with fangs.

After Pete, a young dogwalker, gets dumped by his girlfriend, his slacker buddies convince him to run naked through the city park. As the moon rises, the boys laugh, howl, and transform... Later, a distraught young woman named Maggie is contemplating suicide when she’s surprised by an enormous wolf. She snarls, baring her vampire fangs. The wolf grins and barks: Let’s play!

After a fierce, exhilarating chase through the park, Maggie falls asleep with the wolf - and awakens in a naked young man’s arms. It’s Pete. And love at first sight.

Pete’s werewolf pals and Maggie’s upper-crust vampire clan are furious. And when some mangled bodies are discovered in the woods, Pete and Maggie must fight for their lives while grappling with the awful consequences of loving a monster.

The movie is being called a horror/comedy, so let's hope it avoids all of the TWILIGHT romance garbage and goes for the throat instead. The script is penned by Greg Pak (PLANET HULK). Elizabeth Stanley and Frederic Brost are producing, with Darclight Films is overseeing the picture.

GREMLINS star Phoebe Cates

Extra Tidbit: Dante's latest effort, THE HOLE, is currently awaiting a U.S. release.
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