Joe Dante's Burying the Ex trailer rises from the grave

Burying the Ex

On the heels of the recent announcement that Joe Dante’s undead comedy BURYING THE EX was headed our way in limited theaters and on VOD this June 19th is the first international trailer, and it's one that could use a little work to say the least. The trailer is awkwardly pieced together, filling in the gaps with brain melting rom-com font, but it does give us our first good look at a new Joe Dante-directed horror movie, so there's that. Watch it below!

BURYING THE EX follows...

Max is dating the overbearing Evelyn who he's afraid to break up with. When she's killed in a freak accident, he falls in love with Olivia, with whom he is much better suited. However Evelyn rises from the grave.

BURYING THE EX stars Anton Yelchin, Alexandra Daddario and Ashley Greene. It was was produced by Scooty Woop Entertainment’s Mary Cybriwsky and Frankie Lindquist, Carl Effenson, David Johnson, Kyle Tekiela and Trezza.

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