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Joe Hill's Twittering From the Circus of the Dead ready for the big screen?

05.23.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Even though the adaptation of his "Locke & Key" doesn't look like it's ready for prime-time, author Joe Hill shouldn't fret: Another of his written works seems ready for the spotlight (and I don't mean HORNS, either). Via The Hollywood Reporter, we learn that the rights to Hill's short story TWITTERING FROM THE CIRCUS OF THE DEAD have been bought by Mandalay Entertainment (SLEEPY HOLLOW, WILD THINGS).

Appearing in the short story collection THE NEW DEAD, TWITTERING is told entirely through a young girl's Twitter updates as a cross country road trip with her family goes horribly wrong when they stumble upon a carnival called The Circus of the Dead. I've not read the story, but I'm wondering if the Twitter gimmick won't be lost via the adaptation to the big screen? Guess we'll see...

Todd Lincoln, whose supernatural thriller THE APPARITION is coming out next year, is in negotiations to direct. Hill will executive produce, along with Mandalay's Cathy Schulman and Adam Stone.

THE APPARITION star Ashley Greene

Extra Tidbit: Any Joe Hill fans out there? Is it just me, or is he the spittin' image of his pop?
Source: THR



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