John C. McGinley joins The Belko Experiment

Writer/producer James Gunn has been releasing a steady stream of casting news for THE BELKO EXPERIMENT over the last few days, starring off by announcing John Gallagher Jr. and following that up with Tony Goldwyn and Melonie Diaz. The latest person Gunn has revealed to be in the thriller's cast is veteran character actor John C. McGinley.

McGinley may be most widely known for playing Dr. Perry Cox on 182 episodes of SCRUBS, but the man has almost 100 other credits to his name, so even if you didn't watch SCRUBS you've probably still seen him somewhere.

Gunn had this to say about McGinley's casting:

John will play Wendell Dukes, one of the top execs at Belko, and longtime friends with Tony Goldwyn's character, Barry Norris. Wendell is a bit socially awkward, and has never been at home with the other employees at Belko... I'm not sure his social problems will be eased much when mysterious forces start compelling them to kill one another or be killed.

From Office Space to Scrubs to Glengarry Glen Ross to Belko, John just may be the lucky totem for stories told in the workplace. I know we're lucky to have him on board. 

THE BELKO EXPERIMENT heads into production next month in Bogota, Colombia, with WOLF CREEK director Greg McLean bringing Gunn's script to the screen. Things are looking great for this one so far, and Gunn promises there is more news to come very soon.

Melonie Diaz

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