John Carpenter is waiting to see a Halloween script

John Carpenter

When it was announced back in May that Jason Blum, head of the genre powerhouse Blumhouse Productions, would be teaming with HALLOWEEN franchise creator John Carpenter to produce a new installment in the HALLOWEEN series, with Carpenter having creative involvement and possibly providing the film's score, many of us jumped to the conclusion that this project was on the fast track for a Halloween 2017 release.

While the names of potential directors have been floated around (Mike Flanagan? Adam Wingard?), no one has ever become officially attached, and as of early October Blum said that they hadn't yet figured out the right approach and several filmmakers were pitching ideas.

Nearly two months later, Dark Universe caught up with Carpenter and asked him for a status update on this new HALLOWEEN:

I've known Jason for a while, he came to me and said 'How do you feel about this now that rights have diverted?' and I said, 'Sure, why not? I'll give it a shot and I'll also try to support the director.' We don’t have a script yet, so I can't tell you what it's about, but I guarantee you it's about Halloween night and it’s about a masked killer!

I found myself bitching all these years about them making another one, so with this one I thought, well, maybe I can get in and help and make something I’m proud of instead of sitting at home grumbling."

So the wait for a script continues, but that's a solid foundation they're working from.

At the end of the day, maybe a 2018 release makes more sense after all. That way this new film can be released to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Carpenter's original HALLOWEEN. H40 already? Where have the years gone?

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