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John Goodman enters Kevin Smith's Red State

09.21.2010by: Eric Walkuski

Seems like when you want some RED STATE casting news nowadays, you only need listen to Kevin Smith talk about it on Hollywood Babble-On, a podcast hosted by Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman. The last time we got an update on Smith's horror joint, it had turned out that Kevin Pollak was asked to join the flick. Now it would seem as though Smith has extended the invite to another funny man...

John Goodman has evidently been cast in the film, which has actually come together quite nicely so far. Goodman joins Kyle Gallner, Melissa Leo, Michael Angarano, Steven Root, and Michael Parks in RED STATE, which is about a group of young folks colliding with a crazed fundamentalist preacher.

Shooting on RED STATE is just about to get underway in L.A. No release date has yet been revealed.

Goodman's THE BIG LEBOWSKI co-star Tara Reid, when she was hot

Extra Tidbit: "Shomer shabbos!"



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