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Johnny Blaze shreds up the scene in new Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance trailer

12.15.2011by: Jake Dee

Although rated PG-13, there looks to be no shortage of incendiary thrills in GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE. Those sick f*cks Neveldine and Taylor have taken the franchise to new heights of excess, and if they match the brio of their CRANK pictures all the way through, this could be one superhero flick worth remembering. Peep John-John Blaze skid through the flames below!

My favorite parts of the new trailer? I like the slow-mo shot of dude at the 1:38 mark...firing bullets while being launched off the side of the road. Then, scope my man Blaze out at the 1:43 mark..."ROAD KILL!"

It has been several years since making a deal with the Devil and Johnny Blaze, living in self-imposed isolation, finds himself as the only person who can help save 10-year-old Danny – and ultimately the world – thanks to his unwanted and uncontrollable power – his ability to transform into the hell-on-wheels monster known as The Ghost Rider.

With Idris Elba, Violante Placido (below), Ciaran Hinds and Johnny Whitworth lending support - SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE opens February 17th.

Extra Tidbit: The Ghost Rider's skull has been redesigned for this sequel. The new skull appears to be black and charred, indicating that the skull is actually on fire as apposed to the clean fleshless skull simply cloaked in fire in the previous film.
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