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Jonah Hill makes directorial debut with vampire/zombie/alien film The Kitchen Sink!

03.01.2011by: Jake Dee

Dude makes one semi-serious picture and suddenly he's a filmmaker?!?

Jonah Hill, who we all know (and perhaps love) from such raunchy comedies as SUPERBAD, KNOCKED UP, GET HIM TO THE GREEK, etc. etc., his now in line to make his directorial debut. Fortunately for us, he's going the genre route!

According to Deadline, Hill is set to helm blacklisted screenplay THE KITCHEN SINK, written by Oren Uziel. The film follows an unlikely alliance between a teenage vampire, zombie and high-school kid who band together to stave off an alien invasion. The project is set-up at Sony Pictures.

Hill, who's become a money-machine for Sony these days, has also been getting into more serious acting roles. The one I mentioned earlier, CYRUS, might have landed him gigs in Bennett Miller's MONEY BALL, as well as the 21 JUMP STREET adaptation. But does that mean he's ready to direct a film at 27 year old?!?

Taking it further, with a premise as lofty as this, do you think Hill can make a GOOD film? Remember, THE KITCHEN SINK starts with zombies, who then get attacked by vampires, and if hell hasn't broken loose enough, a descending light from above ushers in droves of pissed off aliens. Sounds like an epic endeavor, maybe even a summer blockbuster.

You think Jonah's got what it takes to deliver a worthwhile first feature?

Hill's MONEY BALL co-star, Kathryn Morris!

Extra Tidbit: So what do you think about Hill directing THE KITCHEN SINK?
Source: Deadline



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