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Jonathan Levine says his zombie romance flick Warm Bodies will be PG-13

08.17.2011by: Jared Pacheco
Alright, so I know you guys probably won't be happy with today's news... but bear with me a second.

You see our brethren over at JoBlo.com recently had a chance to chat it up with director Jonathan Levine, who has the cancer comedy 50/50 coming our way soon. When chatting with Levine about the comedy the subject quickly changed to the zombie romance project the director has lined up for himself - adapting the Isaac Marion novel WARM BODIES.

Now unfortunately today's news has Levine talking about how the film will focus on the romance aspect of the story and that it will be... gulp... PG-13! Not going to lie... it feels like I just swore. Don't take my word for it though, hear it from Levine himself:

ďWeíre going for the romance, but we are trying not to pussy out on the gore. It is going to be PG-13 because I feel like the story is such that we donít need to see heads exploding, and I always think itís nice to have as many people able to see it as possible. I think this will be my first non R-rated movie and Iím not going for the exploding heads. Itís going to be more like action-packed, romantic kind of situation.Ē

And when he was pressed about the fanboys' reaction to this rating, he added: ďI know, Iím scared of them. Iím scared of them. But, I hope to make them happy and I hope to also kind of push the boundaries of the genre as well. And we will seeÖ but I canít think about it, I canít think about it! I have to think about what is best for the movie. If they hate me, they hate me. Theyíll still like Mandy Lane. Thatís fine. [Laughing]"

Now hear me out... This is the director of the highly acclaimed ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE we're talking about here... Have some faith huh? At the end of the day WARM BODIES is still a zombie flick, PG-13 or not. And to be honest my gut is telling me this one might actually turn out pretty damn good, regardless of the rating.

WARM BODIES follows a zombie known as R, who usually spends his days stumbling around the devastated Earth, groaning and looking for live human brains to snack upon. But when he ingests the cerebellum of Perry, he also takes in the manís memories of his girlfriend, Julie, and starts to fall for her. He stops himself Ė and the rest of his undead fellows Ė from attacking her and slowly an Edward Scissorhands-style romance blossoms. Thereís just one small problem: Julieís father is the tough survivor general who will stop at nothing to wipe out the zombie hordes. But Rís relationship stirs real feeling in him for the first time, and his actions might just go on to change the world of the better.

Set to star Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer (below), WARM BODIES should be kicking into production soon so be sure to keep it here for more on the zombie romance as we hear it!

Extra Tidbit: JAWS, BEETLEJUICE and POLTERGEIST were all rated PG at the time of their release.
Source: JoBlo.com



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