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Joseph Kosinski's Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise, gets 2013 release date

06.16.2011by: Jake Dee

Even if his starlight has dimmed, it's never too early to pencil in a release date for a Tom Cruise vehicle. And you know what...Universal has gone ahead and done just that.

Word is the studio has slapped Joseph Kosinski's sci-fi epic OBLIVION with a July 19, 2013 due date.

Last time we heard about OBLIVION, we learned the film will begin production in October under a budget of $100 million.

Here's the synopsis: OBLIVION (HORIZONS) centers on a battle-damaged soldier who, assigned to a desolate planet after a court-martial, patrols the bleak landscape in an effort to destroy the last vestiges of a primitive alien race. When a mysterious traveler arrives unexpectedly, their lives become inextricably linked as they are forced to question everything they know about this world and themselves.

Cruise will play the soldier who's stuck alone on the planet, repairing the drones that patrol and destroy a savage alien life form. He encounters a beautiful woman who crashes in a craft, and their experience together forces him to question his world view.

No other casting info has been given for OBLIVION, but we're sure to get you some juice in the near future.

Kosinski's TRON: LEGACY star Olivia Wilde

Extra Tidbit: You have a favorite Tom Cruise performance? Please tell me it's not TOP GUN...
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