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04.01.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
When JOY RIDE hit the scene in 2001, audiences were introduced to a new name in terror: Rusty Nail. Now, some seven years later, Rusty Nail is back and more brutal than ever, in Fox's straight to DVD thrillride JOY RIDE 2: DEAD AHEAD!

Starring Nick Zano, Nicki Aycox (pictured), and Laura Jordan, the 'new' Rusty Nail has his sights set on a female lead, taking over Paul Walker's shoes as the target of Rusty's affection. Check out the synopsis: While driving across the country on their way to Las Vegas, two couples are forced to "borrow" a car from an apparently abandoned ranch house when their own vehicle breaks down in rural Utah. Little do they know that the car they took actually belonged to Rusty Nail, the cold, calculating killer who plays vicious and cruel games with his victims, often pursuing them in his ominous, black 18-wheeler truck. After one of their friends is kidnapped by the murderous trucker, the remaining travelers are forced into Rusty's violent realm to play his sinister cat-and-mouse games in an attempt to rescue their friend and stop the killer before it is too late.

Sounds like fun, no? Well, if you're not convinced, check out the teaser trailer below and prepared to be impressed! Brutal semi truck torture, the nasty use of a blow torch, Aycox stripping down to her skivvies, and hold on to your butts for the last shot--it's a killer! While it looks like a cheap STD sequel to a much bigger movie, it also looks like a lot of fun, so why the hell not???

Have a blast with the teaser trailer below, and get ready for JOY RIDE 2: DEAD AHEAD on DVD this October!

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