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Juan of the Dead has been nominated for a Goya!

01.09.2013by: Ike Oden

Last year JUAN OF THE DEAD emerged as a bit of a sleeper hit for writer/director Alejandro Brugués. Months after its release the film has proven it has longer legs than anyone could imagine as JUAN OF THE DEAD has been nominated a Goya Award for Best Latin American Film.

This is a big deal for any horror movie. To put it in lay terms, imagine if ZOMBIELAND had been up for an Oscar for Best Picture-- that is what JUAN OF THE DEAD is to the Goya nomination. It's a high honor for the zom-com and just one more sign that great horror (specifically great zombie horror) is getting the mainstream acclaim it deserves.

You can currently watch JUAN OF THE DEAD on Netflix streaming. Even better-- you can go all-in and purchase the DVD right now. Either way, there's no better reason to check out the Cuban zombie comedy now.

Extra Tidbit: Salma Hayek (above) is a previous Goya nominee, while horror legend Jess Franco received a lifetime achievement award a few years back.
Source: AICN



Spitting Bullets
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11:57AM on 01/09/2013


No hay forma de que esa bazofia sea nominada a nada. Puro guitarreo.
No hay forma de que esa bazofia sea nominada a nada. Puro guitarreo.
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