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Julia Davis' Room and Board gets its first one sheet and partial cast photo

11.01.2010by: Moises Hernandez

Prior to all the Halloween madness this weekend (which is now spilling over as a hangover this morning) I served up a steak sized story that thew Burt Reynolds in a film called ROOM AND BOARD. Burt Reynolds and others were all starring in a gore-fest flick involving crazy Russian cannibals at one of those "bed and breakfast" type places. Why anyone would even stop at those places is beyond me but hey...that's why we've got horror.

Down below we've got a sweet pic of the partial cast responsible for all the madness occurring on screen and an official one sheet from the project. I get a "Bates Motel" vibe from this but that could be just the ominous looking house of horrors. We want to hear from you though. Is this looking good to you or is this another project with a bunch of pretty names? You tell us.

In the attached photograph, from LEFT to RIGHT are - Brandon Slagle, Brooke Lewis, William Katt, Darcy DeMoss, Kane Hodder, and Bokeem Woodbine.

ROOM AND BOARD is directed by Julia Davis (producer of the TV series MEDAL OF HONOR) and produced by both Julia Davis, B.J Davis, Darcy DeMoss, and Jack Lippman, from a script by Julia Davis and Rob Neighbors.

The film features and all-star cast including Luke Goss (BLADE II, HELLBOY II), Burt Reynolds, Gary Daniels (THE EXPENDABLES), Robert Patrick, Katie Cassidy, Darcy DeMoss (JASON LIVES: FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VI), Bokeem Woodbine (DEVIL, RAY), Kane Hodder, William Katt, and many more.

The film centers around a bed and breakfast that is run by several "crazy as nails" Russian sisters. Travelers come around based on "word of mouth" to taste what they hear is the best steak around. Eventually, the visitors find out just why the steaks taste so good.

The very delicious Brooke Lewis

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite movie involving cannibals?



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