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Jurassic World might feature pterodactyl riders?!

12 months agoby: Eric Walkuski

We've heard some weird rumors - and weird facts - about JURASSIC WORLD before, but this one takes the cake.

Over at the JPLegacy message boards, a commenter pointed out that a Twitter user named "DrPhD" had posted the following tweets about a "friend" of his who will be playing a pterodactyl-rider in the upcoming Colin Trevorrow-directed sequel:

On the surface, this seems extremely unlikely; dinosaurs in cages is wild enough, but now we're riding the damn things?! Even if we're stretching our imagination to the limit, this is tough to swallow. Add to that it's always unwise to believe information from random people on the internet, especially if it comes in the form of an "I know a guy who…" tale.

All that said, this movie reportedly showcases a dino petting zoo and an uber-dinosaur who can blend into his environment because he has cuttlefish DNA. So yeah, this is a weird movie; would adding a pterodactyl ride be so strange?

Source: JP Legacy


Spitting Bullets
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5:07PM on 06/10/2014


This is starting to go overboard
This is starting to go overboard
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