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Kate Beckinsale officially back for Underworld 5; Anna Foerster to direct

05.14.2015by: Ryan Miller

Kate Beckinsale

Okay, so Kate Beckinsale returning for UNDERWORLD 5 isn’t exactly new news or anything—we’ve known about her return since last year—but now that it’s officially official, THR spilled some new details about the next installment in the franchise. We now know that Anna Foerster will direct the film, making her the first woman to helm an installment of the action-horror franchise. Very cool.

Cory Goodman wrote the script, whose plot details are being kept hidden away but is said to focus on a new and younger generation of vampires and werewolves who are locked in a seemingly never-ending battle between supernatural races. Theo James, who appeared briefly in 2012’s UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING, is attached to reprise his character alongside Beckinsale’s Selene.

The movie is expected to shoot in Prague this October. And that’s all she wrote, folks. There’s nothing in here that’s all that hard-hitting, but it gives us another excuse to get excited about UNDERWORLD 5, so there’s that.

Kate Beckinsale

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Source: THR



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