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Katherine McPhee to plumb the depths of Depravity

05.29.2013by: Kevin Woods

Deadline is reporting that "American Idol" contestant-turned-"Smash"-starlet Katherine McPhee has just been cast in a starring role in the upcoming thriller DEPRAVITY, to be helmed by Paul Tamasy from a Dennis Lahane-penned screenplay.

The film centers on...

“a group of roommates [who] accidentally kill an innocent man they thought was a thrill killer. It sends the group into a world unhinged from any moral compass, one in which they may be forced to confront not only the evil around them but the evil within them as well"

McPhee is set to play a twentysomething the group tries to scapegoat.

McPhee has dabbled within the genre before, starring as Beth in 2011's SHARK NIGHT 3D.

The film is being produced by Dorothy Aufiero and Todd Eckert. More on this one as it comes in!

Extra Tidbit: Are you getting a SHALLOW GRAVE vibe from that synopsis?
Source: Deadline



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