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Katie Aseltons chicks in the woods thriller Black Rock gets trailer & release date

11.28.2012by: Jake Dee

Criminally, it's been far too close to a year since hearing about BLACK ROCK - the-hotties-in-the woods-who-aren't-alone flick directed by and starring Katie Aselton (Jenny from "The League"). Thankfully, our new update comes with the trailer for the flick. If you all liked BAGHEAD (both films written by Aselton's hubby Mark Duplass), then I think it's safe to say BLACK ROCK is worth stuffing in your pipe! Start with the trailer underneath.

Alongside Aselton, Kate Bosworth and Lake Bell star in a movie that follows what happens when three childhood friends meet for a weekend getaway on an isolated island and discover that they have company.

I like these chicks. I like the Duplass brothers. Regardless of the somewhat tired setup, I'm definitely down to see this sucker when it finally comes out. The flick got picked up out of Sundance last year, LD Entertainment has tagged the flick with a May 17, 2013 theatrical release.



Extra Tidbit: Go watch the Duplass Brothers' JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME!
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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