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Kevin Smith reveals plans for 'True North Trilogy' of horror films

07.28.2014by: Kevin Woods

It seems that CLERKS director Kevin Smith is rather enjoying his forays into horror and has revealed his plans to play around in the genre for a while. That sits just fine with me as I thoroughly enjoyed his RED STATE and am looking forward to his upcoming TUSK which, judging by the trailer we brought you over the weekend, looks to be a very disturbing and twisted good time.

At his annual Comic-Con panel this year Smith revealed his plans for his "True North Trilogy", a trilogy of horror films that will include the upcoming TUSK, the previously announced YOGA-HOSERS, and the strangely-titled MOOSE JAWS. The "True North Trilogy" title seemingly references the Canadian settings that these three films will inhabit, and the next film that he'll begin working on in the trilogy is YOGA-HOSERS, a spin-off of TUSK that Smith shared is about "two characters in a convenience store in Tusk that you see for five minutes", and the leads are two 15-year-old girls. He hinted that they have some kind of special power/weapon that he couldn't reveal, because he will be "run out of the country" once it does get revealed. Now I'm really curious. Sounds like that should be fun.

Smith also revealed plans for a film that he's calling MOOSE JAWS. He didn't share too much about this particular film other than it features a killer moose who chows down on people. So basically it's JAWS with a moose. Smith said that he's currently in the middle of writing the script for MOOSE JAWS so hopefully we'll hear more on this one soon.

And let's not forget that Smith also has a “Creepshow-like horror anthology” called ANTI-CLAUS (formerly COMES THE KRAMPUS) in the works, which has already been pre-sold by distributor XYZ Films. That film also stars his TUSK actors Justin Long and Haley Joel Osment.

Kevin Smith's TUSK is set to hit on September 19 and hopefully will be a solid enough film to get us even more excited about his other horror offerings.


Extra Tidbit: Are you a Kevin Smith fan? Which of these films in the "True North Trilogy" intrigues you the most?
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