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Kevin Smith talks casting Red State, how he's going about this flick differently!

07.07.2010by: Jake Dee

With Kevin Smith's script for RED STATE ready to go under the lens next month, dude's starting to chat the flick up at some length. Last Friday we read a bit about Smith's casting choices for his upcoming political horror flick, and today he's expounded upon those claims. Read on for more...

The approach Smith looks to take with RED STATE, a clear departure from the man's film canon, is similar to that of most low-budget, non-commercial horror. Smith plans on casting the film with relative unknowns, so he can allow the audience to revel in the story as opposed to looking at a recognizable star's abs. However, this plan isn't born out of a lack of star interest. Or studio interest in big names to star. Scope it...

When talking to MovieWeb about the flick, Smith explained:

"Yeah Red State, It's weird the older I get, the more I kind of try to do shit differently, like I've done this so let me try to do something else," Smith explained. "What I used to love about this business was oral announcements. Zack and Miri Make a Porno was the last film where I was into dropping hints on the message board. I'd drop pictures of just the actor's eyes and I got really into it. Now I'm almost forty and that Southwest thing cured me of fucking ever wanting to see my name in a newspaper again. Now I don't give a fuck and I used to love it so much. So this time I'm just trying to do it differently. Let's kind of quietly make the movie, you know, let everyone know when it's done and I've never been that guy before. The announcements are cute but it's not all predicated on that. It should be more like watch the movie then afterwards we'll talk about it. With Red State it's a different beast," the director continued.

"Because it's the first time since Clerks that I'm trying to go, not with unknown actors, but with actors that you're going to see onscreen and not know their names. It's a weird kind of in between neither place I'm reaching for, it's not complete unknowns and it's not remotely fucking recognizable name actors. It's really tough to find an actor whose name you don't know. I'm trying to cast this movie in a way where people watch it and can absorb it and not think about, oh I see that dude all the time or that's Jason Mewes."

He continued:

"It's ironic, this is the first time that I've gotten calls from every agency thus far in town pitching me huge fucking talent. Big talent man, like Academy Award winning talent. Serious actors, I don't mean, hey this guy is huge right now. I mean serious legends because there is a part in the movie that calls for an older guy," Smith explained."

"We have not cast anyone so far in these major roles, as far as the agencies know, and these cats call me up and start pitching me these names. It would be wrong to share those names, I would have when I was twenty-five or thirty but I'm forty now so I will give these old fuckers some dignity. There are some huge fucking names offered to me and each time I'm like why would you be calling me? This is suspicious. I don't get these kinds of calls. They say, well it's because of your name and people want to work with you. I was like, don't bull shit me, why are you calling? They said, nothing's happening right now. Nobody is working in this town. Honestly dude, you are one of the only games in town. So it's ironic that I could have my pick of grade-A talent right now and I want to cast unknowns. That's the key with this one and it's kind of ironic."

RED STATE will hopefully come out sometime in late 2010.

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Extra Tidbit: Think Smith will make RED STATE with relatively little press?
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